Taking Comfort in "Wren Bay"

Wren Bay by Clarice Fox~Hughes


This past February...while mourning the unexpected loss of my oldest long~time blog friend Clarice emailed me with a few sample snippets of her first novel "Wren Bay". It was a work in progress at the time. Clarice's labor of love.

In a rare quiet moment during a harrowing time, I read her work and was comforted. Reading about Wren Bay transported me across time to a cozy place populated by charming, productive characters.

Immediately, I responded.


My Dear Friend Clarice,

I LOVE this concept! From what I've read so far you are creating a world that reminds me of a cross between Barbara Macomber (?) and Jan Karon!....I am down at my dad's house and....everyone is now napping so I thought I'd try to get my mind off of the sadness by losing myself a bit on the computer. So, I must say thank you for the lovely story bits you've sent. They were a comfort to read and I just want to jump into their world. It's my (humble) opinion that we need more books like the one you are writing....

Please keep going with this project as it sounds wonderful and comforting and just what the world needs right about now. You know your market (us bloggers) and what we like and need. I think you have a winner.

More soon my friend.

Love and good thoughts from Tracey.



Happily, a few months ago I was able to buy the newly published copy of Wren Bay and I am so pleased I did. I've long been a fan of Clarice's creativity and Wren Bay is a fictional form of her inspirational blog Storybook Woods. Generously peppered throughout the book are Clarice's tried~and~true recipes and practical tips. She has taken the subjects she blogs about (fashion, crafting, whole food, self education, up cycling and the like) and weaves them into a charming fictional tale. Like Clarice herself, the main character (Wren) takes the simplest things in life and makes a celebration out of them. As Wren grows and learns new skills and ideas, so do we.

If you'd like to learn more about Wren Bay (or purchase a copy of your very own) just click HERE to make the jump to Clarice's charming blog. Please tell her Tracey says "hello"!

Sending love, comfort and good thoughts to all.


Tracey and Family



La Table De Nana said...

Thank you for this link and recommendation..I too lost an older brother..I love Jan Karon..

I must go see..

Thank you and happy holidays to you and yours.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

So kind of you LTDN...thank you for your empathy as well. Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!
P.S. I too love Jan Karon's work!

Storybook Woods said...

Dear Tracey,
I remember that time and my heart still breaks for you. But during your grief you were so kind and supportive to me. Thank you dear friend. I am thrilled you finished Wren (I really wanted you to read it). I do hope Wren inspired you make the most of your home. Which you already do but if you are like me, I am still always looking for more inspiration. Thank you for your review. Love Clarice

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Thank you so much Clarice! You do inspire me to make the most of my home...and life...thus Wren (I think of her as your alter ego :) does as well.

Yes, it's true, I've developed a lifetime habit of making the most of what's been given to me, however, there are times when we all need a nudge and all your work offers just that my friend!

Teresa said...

Hello Tracey,

Thank you for visiting my blog just before Christmas. I'm getting caught up after all the holiday hustle and bustle. I can see you're a busy, productive lady so the fact that you took time to visit and comment is doubly appreciated.

I'm heading over to Clarice's blog in a few minutes... her book sounds delightful. Thank you for sharing.

Condolences and caring thoughts to you on your loss. Wishing you comfort and healing.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

It was my pleasure Theresa! Thank you so much for your kind note and visit.

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