What Katie Did (Rosie & Momma too)!

On Katie's Birthday this Week...

we indulged in a delicious frugal luxury of coffee from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

(Katie's very favorite)...

then... we then snuck away...

... to visit this charming, Cottage, nursery.

We entered here...

Rosie framed herself under the roses & rustic arbor!

Katie found a quiet corner ... a perfect place to meditate & pray...

Ooops...I think she had to take that call!!

The girls spotted a lucky Calico kitty patrolling the premises.

We pray that's not why this charming bird cage is empty.

The girls meandered down a pathway strewn with flowers & herbs.

We don't know what these flowers are called...but we think they're really pretty!!

We appreciated this lovely iron trellis... lion fountain... and concrete urn.

Then we wandered out of the enchanted nursery until...

another excursion!


Thank you for joining us in Katie's birthday adventure!!


charmaine said...

hi Tracey! you are so sweet, thank you for all your lovely post. last night i left you a post and when i got to the end, it all erased. how that happened, i don't know. i was so tired and could not gather all that i had written. so i said , i'll just write her tomorrow. please forgive me for responding so late. but, as always, i love hearing from my best blog friend. now to those two supermodels you have. they are so adorable! they look like two gorgeous fairies running through a fairy garden. what a beautiful way to celebrate ones birthday. the garden is just beautiful and so enchanting. i know you all had a wonderful time. tell Katie i said Happy Belated Birthday!!! i celebrate my birthday for the whole week too. lol!! as always i will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. your birthday is on the 19th, right? well, i wish you and Katie many more lovely celebrations. i pray that you both will always continue to be used to inspire others. you are such a wonderful person and i am so happy to have met you. you are what i call a SUPER WOMAN!! you are just so well rounded, and i know that you have inspired your girls to be super woman in the making. what makes a super woman? Love, Kindness, nurturing, humbleness, creativeness, strength, loyalty, and full of wisdom. i want to say thank you for sharing all of your Frugal Luxury ideas, they are much appreciated. God Bless you and God bless your family. keep inspiring! i hope you have a blessed weekend Tracey.

God Bless,

Simply Heart And Home said...


What an enchanting place. Thank you for inviting us by posting such lovely pictures. I do love springtime!



Dana and Daisy said...

I am not sure what the flower is either. It looks similar to thistle which is really a weed, but the leaves look significantly different. I'm going to see if I can find it in my plant books!

Vintage Girl said...

I smiled all the way through this post. The girls looked like they were having a blast. All the pictures were so fun and beautiful! A lovely day out....happy belated Birthday Katie!! Blessings, Heather

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