Another Birth Day ...

Last Friday Was My Birthday!

The girls stayed up late the night before to make me these mossst delicious cupcakes!!

Katie and Rosie made this sign (above) and taped it to the mirror on our landing!

Katie took this picture of Rosie and her momma (me).

We threw on some clothes and went out for our...

frugal luxury of coffee...

(Why does coffee always taste better when someone else makes it?)

Home again...

Happy Birthday Fun for Momma !

The girls had to guard the cupcakes from Zoey Kitty...

and the raffia!

Katie drew this charming little caricature inside my special birthday card...

the girl is me...

the kitty is Zoey Kitty.

(She's looking for her coffee...)

These cupcakes were sooo good!

They took a simple devil's food cake mix and added chunks of chocolate...

to the batter before baking...

and iced them with a simple butter-cream frosting... were yummy!!

They were so creative when decorating them!

The cupcakes in the forefront had a s'mores theme...

sprinkled with crushed graham crackers and garnished with snips of...

marshmallows and a chunk of chocolate.

Simple red sprinkles adorned the center cup cakes...

The last row was a paradoxical nod to a healthy attitude...

garnished with a dehydrated lemon slice...

(I had dehydrated a batch the day before and they are sooo good, really)

...and a chunk of dragon's fruit (really, that's what it's called).

It was the beginning of my very lovely and loving birthday day and week.

I am still celebrating as I write this!!


Dana and Daisy said...

how delightful! Happy belated birthday. I always say my birthday continues until the well wishes have stopped, so maybe this will be blessing in a way that I missed it!

You and your daughter look so much alike!

charmaine said...

hi my lovely friend! oh, i just love this post! God has truly blessed you with two beautiful girls who share your loving spirit. i know you thank Him every day. children are such a blessing from God! thank you for sharing these pictures with us. your birthday looked very special. i LOVE the cupcakes on that beautiful cake plate! the girls did the cupcakes themselves? wow, they look like they came from your local bakery. i love cupcakes and i stop by cupcake shops all the time and your girls cupcakes look just as good and a lot better than some i've seen. seems like you have two entrepreneurs on your hand. your girls are just as crafty as you are. the table arrangement was so pretty! Zoey look like she is ready to attack, how cute! lol!!! that picture with you and Rosie, let me tell you, you two look like twins, she is just like you. i love Katie's illustration of you and Zoe, she draws very good. yesterday i posted about some illustrations by this artist Bella Pillar, her work is just beautiful. another thing, yesterday i received this book i bought called "The Farm Chicks in The Kitchen", have you ever heard of them? well, if you haven't their book is fabulous. for some reason it reminded me of you. i guess because their so crafty and very creative like you. i'm learning to become this way, you have truly been inspiring me greatly. thank you my friend! so, check them out, their links are on my blog. i'm so happy to hear that you had a lovely birthday Tracey! it makes me happy to know that you were happy. these are moments you will never forget. what a super blessing! i pray that you and your family will have a lovely blessed day!

God Bless,
your friend Charmaine

Storybook Woods said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, a birthday full of wishes and hugs and kisses too xoxoxo Clarice

Michelle said...

Happy (very belated!) birthday! What lovely daughters you have, obviously lovely in spirit as well. I enjoyed both posts about birthdays and the photos as well. Such a sense of fun too!

I hope this next year brings you everything lovely and good.



Anonymous said...

Happy Happy belated birthday! I don't think there is a better waY to celebrate than the way you did with family!

Sorry I haven't gotten over here sooner to give you birthday wishes- I had an encounter with a rattlesnake and have been recooping- trying to figure out how to do some of my DIY projects from my chair which I am bannished to till at least the 17th when I go back ! Well I will at least get to get to get caught up with my blogging freinds' blogs!


Vintage Girl said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I wish you a year ahead of health, happiness and much love! Wow, your family is so creative and what a wonderful way to show their love. The cupcakes and signs are awesome! I can just taste those cupcakes. What fun your family is! Blessings, Heather

La Table De Nana said...

I love this..I didn't know you then..Beautiful!

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