Easter Whimsies...and...More Ways to Make Something From (Almost) Nothing!

Easter Whimsies


Before I go on...
I am compelled to tell you that this category always makes me feel a bit like ...

Mary Poppins !!

Now that that's out of the way...

I'll tell you my story about making Easter Whimsies out of nothing!

(Well...almost nothing!)


The other day I found a miniature terra cotta pot lying in a drawer...

I thought of a picture I'd seen on another blog (sorry, can't remember which one). It showed a thick, white pillar candle inside of a similar, larger pot. That idea inspired me to tuck one of our tiny candles from the
Gift Pantry inside this miniature version. (Hint: I used my time~honored Picture~Putty/Earthquake~Wax trick to hold the candle upright.)

The orange clay color was a little too vibrant for the soft spring look I was after. So...with just a few strokes of leftover paint...applied with a damp paper towel...and a few tufts of moss...we transformed it from earthy orange to heavenly turquoise green. Thus...these odd bits and bobs metamorphosed into this delightful little emblem of only a matter of minutes. (I was thinking that an entire set of these would be pretty at the Easter at each place~setting perhaps...or several marching down the center in lieu of a larger centerpiece?)

Next, I gathered these dried herb and pepper berry bundles...left over from our Edible Wreaths project...tucked them into a small vintage basket and perched them atop our black iron pedestal. I thought it look quite festive!

Of course, because these whimsies were put together in very little time...using items I was going to throw away...or had about the house...

it almost IS like making something from nothing!!!

Okay... I know YOU all are making something WONDERFUL...from nothing... or...very little... always...we'd LOVE to hear about it!


Tracey and Family!

P.S. Please visit again on Friday when I'll be posting about the third item in the top picture !!!



It probably goes without saying, however, I'd like to point out that these candles are NOT FOR USE they are for decorative purposes ONLY.

I wouldn't recommend lighting them due to the flammability of the moss. (As always, never leave lighted candles unattended!)


Rummaging Up Emblems of Spring... Vintage Silver Baskets...Marble Eggs...Rusty Bunnies

a few years ago...

three vintage French baskets came to me at a yard sale... for a song.

They are composed of woven strands of tarnished silver...mimicking their humbler wicker cousins.
(Above you'll see the smallest of the three.)

The largest was a charming wine basket...

into which I tucked a bit of moss and nestled a bottle of our homemade, herb vinegar

This would make a lovely and welcome hostess gift...if only I were willing to give up the basket.

Into the larger, more traditional basket I tucked more moss...

and rummaged around my holiday pantry looking for...

...these three marble eggs I've had for years and years.
I also tucked in an old rusted metal bunny...for fun.


So...what emblems of Spring are you rummaging up at your house??

To see more vintage Easter ideas visit
The Potting Shed's Easter Blog Hop!

Click Photo Below to Visit and/or join in the festive fun!


More... in our "Order from Chaos" series.

This enchanting glass and gilt case was discovered at an estate sale by Mike~~for a mere $19 dollars! (We were told it came from an old European church.) I've been using it ever since to store vintage jewelry. However...once I began rummaging around in our junk...ummm...I I decided it would be just the thing to cradle our prettiest pieces of vintage ribbons, crochet and lace!

I think it's pretty enough to keep these lovelies in plain sight! In addition, it will help me to remember to make use of them. So often I forget what I have when it's tucked away in bins and boxes~~thus defeating the purpose! It's a bit like "hiding your light under a bushel" but on a much more frivolous level...of course. Do you ever do that?

Notice the doily turned into a bow (bottom center)? My friend Alexis created a drawing of this in my book, Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons!

I keep finding more pretty pieces to add to this treasure box! (Thus the second set of strawberry cushions.)


As you probably have noticed... I am finally shedding the cloak of procrastination that has been garmenting me for far tooo long.
Thus, I suppose I should offer fair warning...

this "Order From Chaos" series will probably become one of our ongoing (i.e., never ending :) features.

I would love, love, LOVE any advice and suggestions you might have on ordering such collections of treasures (and I use the word loosely...keeping in mind the "one man's trash..." philosophy ;). Right now...I'm focusing primarily on sewing supplies...fabrics...fabric scraps...and of course vintage laces and linens but we will be moving on to paper, jewelry, magazines, books, catalogs and all manner of mandatory ;) items. As always, I'd sooo enjoy hearing how you creative souls contain your earthly delights !!


Tracey and Family


P.S. If you could see the chaos that is my craft room you would understand why this series is going on sooo long.


Disclosing Secrets...Magic Mottos..."Making Something From Nothing" tm

I have a little secret...actually it's not really a secret...I just haven't written about it on these blogs yet. Today, then, is the day I will tell you my little story. Way back in 2000 I began self~publishing a series of booklets that I created, wrote and designed myself. I dubbed them IdeaPodsTM and titled them...

Frugal Luxuries:Homespun Alchemy TM

Their content encompasses our simple yet magical motto...

Making Something From Nothing

(Well...almost nothing!
Even Rumpelstitlzkin needed straw to make gold!!)

Here's a scan of the cover of our first Idea Pod tm. Copyright 2000.

We sold/sell these little greeting~card size
IdeaPodsTM at~~and to~~small boutiques, gift shops, specialty store and...of our own Frugal Luxuries Workshops. Today, we'd like to share some of the ideas from Homespun AlchemyTM Idea Pods with all of you wondrously kind and kindred souls.


Homespun AlchemyTM

...helps you to work ahead of need and

Stock the Gift PantryTM

This is just some of the gold you will spin using only...
a sprig or two of Rosemary (or another savory herb)...dried peppers...vinegar...olive beer and lemonade bottles...thrifted tea cups & creamers...vintage silver baby cups...


It's so easy, with such deliciously useful results you will see why I call it magic.

Here's How:

  • Clean out a recycled bottle or two (we used one of my Dad's Corona beer bottles for the vinegar and a lemonade bottle bought at Trader Joe's for last summer's concert in the park picnic~~to cap the vinegar we re~purposed a cork from an empty wine bottle )
  • snip a few sprigs of Rosemary from the garden~~or use any other herbs you enjoy
  • fill the clean bottles with vinegar or olive oil using a funnel. Hint: I buy white vinegar and extra virgin olive oil in bulk from Costco for these projects...they usually offer the best prices
  • tuck in a sprig or two of herbs (sometimes I add a red pepper to our olive oil for a bit of heat)
  • close or seal the bottles with caps or corks
  • print out a simple label from your computer or write one in your prettiest handwriting
  • cut out the labels with scissors and glue onto bottles using a simple glue stick
  • To embellish, use ribbon or raffia to tie~on a vintage creamer (wonderful for pouring oil & vinegar dressings)... thrifted tea cups(these are especially nice to include with olive oil as it can be used to hold the oil for dipping or measuring)...and/or vintage silver baby cups
While you're at it... stock your own food pantry!
I found these bartender's pour~spouts at a yard sale for a mere dime.


Please look for more Frugal LuxuriesTM: Homespun AlchemyTM features in future blog posts...I see it as a regular feature. I am so looking forward to sharing it with you. As always,sending out good thoughts and friendship.


Tracey and Family



Win This Book... Time for Another Frugal Luxuries tm Give~Away!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

It's time for another book Give~Away!!

To enter...

leave a comment...or two...or three... !!

We're treating this give~away as a raffle of sorts thus...

each time you comment

your name will be entered into the drawing.

The Give~Away is open until April 1st!

We will announce the winner some time that week.

Please feel free to

  • say a quick "hello"

  • share your favorite idea(s)

  • your favorite frugal luxuries

  • your favorite blogs (including your own!)

  • or simply share a good thought

Each comment is another chance to win!

Thanks for being such a lovely part of Frugal Luxuries!


Tracey and Family


If you haven't a blog please leave your email so we can contact you in the event your name is chosen as the winner!


More Order from Chaos...

For ongoing smaller projects...

thrifted Teacups cradle the chosen threads for easy access.


To see a little more... please click HERE !


Poetry in Ordinary Things...

"from chaos...bring order and light"


A 1960's era trifle bowl transforms into

a pretty organizer for my vintage thread collection.


The journey continues...I am finding poetry and simple comfort in sorting and organizing
my (over) abundance of earthly phenomenon.

To see a little more... please click HERE !


On Comfort, Kindred Spirits and Dispersement of Burdens

Image Source: Unknown

I chose this picture of a Red Robin because it reminds me of my oldest brother, Rob. He was red~headed and we all called him "Robin" as children...until he made us stop. :)

My Dear Kind Souls and Kindred Spirits...

I cannot tell you what a comfort your good thoughts, kind words and prayers have me and my family.

To each of you... please know I am so very grateful and extend my love and appreciation for your kinship. I once read that when people gather during times of grief the grief is dispersed throughout. Thus relieving, somewhat, those carrying the heaviest part of the burden.

Thank you so much for helping to lessen my load of grief.

With gratitude, love and thanks from,
Tracey and Family.


Note: I also wrote this note in the comments section of my last post but decided it was just too important a message to chance it being over~looked.


Taking Time For Reflection


Last Sunday our family received some very sad and unexpected news. My oldest brother suffered a heart attack and did not survive it.

Our family has been gathered all week to comfort, mourn and honor his memory. Yesterday we laid him to rest.

If I may...I would like to ask you to please say a prayer and think good thoughts for the repose of his soul and the comfort of his family (he left a wife and two teen~aged twins). We would appreciate it very much.

In the mean time, I'd like to remind everyone to give a hug and say "I love you" to your own beloveds.

Blessings, thanks and good thoughts from...



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After more than a decade, FRUGAL LUXURIES has never been out of print and is now more relevant than ever.

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