Frugal Luxuries...Found

i'm finding images of frugal luxury all over bloglandia these days...

pops of pretty a simple white room

an ordinary powder room is transformed into a jewel box with the simple additions of few special mirrors and fresh flowers from the garden...

cupboards brimming with lovely...useful...mismatched china...thrifted...of course

pretty vintage linens and fabric remnants...gently washed and hung to dry in the afternoon breeze...waiting to be folded and put away for future projects...

...perhaps to stock the Gift Pantry tm with pretty bags and aprons like these

...or pillows for bringing a bit of summer color to a simple white room?

Once these joyful tasks are finished it's time to create a relaxing spot for summer sleeps...outdoors...under sunlight...and starshine


I discovered these lovely images on the enchanting blog of Selina Lake. Selina is a London stylist with many gorgeous books to her credit...please take a peak at her blog. I have a hunch you will get lost in I did and do!

Love and good thoughts to all.




Images: Source


Homespun Alchemy tm : Create Your Own Vertical Garden

wonders never cease at Terrain...

this reclaimed pine frame serves as an enchanted herb garden cum wall art: the frame above is planted with and fennel

the steel and aluminum frame above is planted with heart fern...plumosa fern...scotch moss

the woolly pockets above are wonderful for planting vegetables and herbs outdoors and...when the weather grows cold...simply bring the woolly pocket indoors and enjoy a year~round herb garden!


If you're not yet familiar with Terrain at Styers you're in for a treat! Their online catalog practically bulges with inspiration. I confess to have gotten lost in it...far too many times!

The images above are a perfect example of its enchantment...and while you can simplify your wall garden planting by purchasing these cleverly useful frames...I'm sure creative kindred spirits...will be conjuring up your own, homespun variations of similarly styled earthly delights!

If you'd like to see more visit Terrain !

Love and good thoughts to all!


Tracey and Family


Images: Source



While relaxing at my father's house this weekend I discovered the serene and inspiring photography of Christine Bauer...and...of course...I couldn't keep all this loveliness to myself! If you'd like to see more visit HERE !

Love and good thoughts from...

Tracey and Family




Summer Roses...a Pictorial Bouquet for You....and You...and You...

These are images I've curated onto my Pinterest files...I thought you might enjoy browsing through them as much as I you relax and enjoy a lovely and safe fourth of July holiday weekend.

Sending Love...good thoughts...prayers...blessings to all of you and for our beloved nation...its people...lands...seas...and creatures.

Tracey and Family


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After more than a decade, FRUGAL LUXURIES has never been out of print and is now more relevant than ever.

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