Bring Your Love to Life (tm) With Only a Scrap, a Snip and a Thread...

Give the Gift of Good Thoughts (tm)

Scraps of toile, tiny checkered gingham, a needle and embroidery thread became the tools that brought my good thoughts to life.


In the evenings, as I watched a favorite movie or program, I put my hands to this soothing task.
Completely crafted by hand, I would sew my good thoughts into each stitch.


P. S. Along with an abundance of Good Thoughts... each of these Valentine Hearts is composed of re-purposed items...fabric scraps from past sewing projects...or culled from a beloved but outgrown blouse of Rosie's. The thread was left over from a long finished embroidery project...stuffing pulled from a comfy throw-pillow that had fallen apart in the wash...and a few snips and crumbles of dried lavender (blossoms and stems) lingering from last summer's garden.


All text and photos under full copyright protection.

The Good Thoughts (TM) collection from Frugal Luxuries was established in 1993.
All rights reserved.



Prime Matia (tm)
Our entry way (below) boasts a lovely little key-keeper.
This petite cabinet provides a sense of order... saves all of us from hunting around for glasses & keys...
and adds a bit of simple charm to our entrance.

Click on photo to enlarge.

It began life as a miniature cabinet of Katie's
(it once held her collection of miniature doll china).
Notice the inset photo at bottom left of the above picture.

Picture A (below) shows the cabinet (with broken glass)
in our de-clutter / discard pile.
At the last minute, I saved
it from the land fill...
and gave it a new existence and purpose as

...keeper of the keys.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Above: Pictures B & C show our key-keeper with
a new mirror to replace the broken glass

(cost was five dollars at our local glass repair)...and a fresh coat of white paint.
Picture D : We inserted tiny cup hooks from which to hang keys.
It is now it's re-born and used daily.


Look you have an item that's calling for a similar transformation?

(Click on any picture to enlarge.)



have nothing to do with organizing...yet...
On a whim, I put together some snippets from our tiny garden and...befittingly...
made a miniature bouquet in a tiny cordial (?) glass...set atop a tiny, hand painted plate.
I thought it was such a charmingly tiny frugal luxury that I couldn't help but share it with you.


We'll Address the Ever Provocative Subject of...
The Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a Party
and... We're All Invited!!

I'm new on the "Blog Party" circuit but the way I believe it works is this: We are asked to post a few organizing tricks and ideas that we've found useful in our own homes & lives. Once this is done... we go onto the THRIFTY DECOR CHICK 's site and post our site link to the list! (I've been browsing, and there are some great posts!)

Confession: I have a dual personality when it comes to times I'm nearly obsessive about it...other times...not so much :).


"Last night I dreamed of Pegboard..."

--Mike McBride

Once upon a time (a few year's ago) I was trying to think-up attractive, yet frugal, ways to organize my craft area. One morning my husband (Mike) woke up to tell me of a dream he'd had about creating a set of good-looking (his words) peg board organizers with frames. I asked him to describe them in detail and ended up LOVING the idea. That very day, we went off to Ganahls (a local Home Depot-like store) and found these 2' x 3' pieces of pegboard (unpainted, but already cut) for about $4 each. We then bought about $12 worth of molding (enough for four pegboards) and proceeded home to put them together.
I primed, then painted the peg boards a pale blue...then painted the (already cut) molding. Once the pieces dried, we used Liquid Nails (R) to attach the molding.
We now use them in our craft room to store all manner of supplies:
They hold dried and faux flowers...
two others hold a row of wire window boxes that store ribbons, wrapping paper, and gift bags...the other stores little baskets that hold small brushes, glue sticks and the like (I'll post photos of them on another day--I already had this photo taken and I wanted to post this idea today so I could join the party :) !

Remember to go check out the Thrifty Decor Chick's party!!
I think you'll have as much fun as I did.


What is Your Life's Purpose?

I found this quote on and felt compelled to share it with you.
Question: ....What is Your Purpose in Life?

....I think my purpose is to live, do the best with what I've got and to help take care of the people I love. We will do better if we take care of each other. More specifically, my goal is to protect those who are weaker than me, those who have less, to protect them and never to exploit them. Those who are stronger than me, especially those who abuse their power by directing it at people who are weaker than they are—my goal is to correct them. Correct above, protect below. That's my mantra.
---Peter Lloyd


AN ORDERLY PASSION...How To Find & Buy Treasures From Yard Sales...Thrift shops...& Flea Markets.

The following is an excerpt from my first book, Frugal Luxuries; 1997, Bantam Books, NY


"In the...whirlwind of passion, you must acquire and beget temperance."
--William Shakespeare,

When buying treasures from yard sales, thrift shops, and flea markets, I find I must be careful not to over accumulate or buy randomly. Collecting in a haphazard manner will contribute to a mismatched, jarring decor that is the opposite of peaceful. I must control my passion for bargains in order to obtain my goals.
To accomplish this, I carry an index card in my organizer that reminds me of my current specific wants and needs. When I discover myself at a yard sale, instead of browsing with no clear goal in mind, I use my list as a guideline. This way, I am more likely to focus and find the items that contribute to a harmonious home and a balanced budget. Here is what is currently listed on my index card:
  • Quality plates and serving ware (blue and white to add to my collection; other pretty pieces to give as gifts or to use decoratively).
  • On-and-lonelies (single teacups of fine china to add to the collection hanging on hooks in our kitchen).
  • Crystal glasses and stemware. (The finer ones are taken to an engraver for monograms and given to special friends in gift baskets, along with a bottle of fine wine or sparkling cider.)
  • Handmade linens, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths (to use as-is or as curtains, in gift baskets, or as fabric for children's dresses).
  • Anything needlepoint (in appropriately muted colors--to make throw pillows, cover chair seats, or to frame as art).
  • Wooden desk chair ( for the desk in the kitchen).
  • A four-cup carafe for a small coffee maker (for Dad, to replace the one I broke).
  • Any Louisa May Alcott books (to add to my collection, as she is my very favorite author--also to pass on to my children).
  • Pretty teapots. (Cracked ones are okay, as I convert them into lamps, flower vases, and pen or glue-stick holders; I give undamaged ones as gifts in baskets, or add them to my personal collection.)
  • Silver pitchers and trays (for daily use to serve iced water, cold tea or milk; also to use as gifts; the pitchers also make lovely flower vases).
  • Unused candles. (These enhance a dull evening or ordinary meal and make the house smell and look prettier.)
  • Quality baskets (for girls' hair bows, bands and brushes; to store rolled towels; and for gift baskets).
  • [DVD's] ....of favorite classic movies.
  • Miniature loaf pans, mini muffin tins, and Bundt (R) cake pans (for baking snack size breads and regular bread for children's lunches, or to include in gift baskets, or to use as party finger foods).
  • Antique metal or wooden gates (to add character to the garden, or to mount onto the wall behind beds to create interesting headboards, or to act as a trellis for climbing plants and vines in the garden).
  • Attractive, well-priced furniture that offers storage and function as well as quality armoires; bookcases (all sizes); china cabinets; vintage child's chair; and easy chairs to tuck into cozy comforts.



Jan Karon is one of my favorite authors.


Sending A Belated HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR to all Kindred Souls...



Cali Girl from LOVELY, CHARMING & EVEN A BIT WHIMSICAL and sweet Charmaine from BEAUTIFUL THINGS TO SHARE have BOTH graciously presented me with the same which I consider to be a TRUE compliment and honor. Thank you so much for the many kind thoughts you both send my way...and for thinking of me.

The award states "This blog invests and believes in PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

In the interest of brevity, I chose only 4:


(So sorry Dana...I knew you were Dana and not Cynthia...mea mistake! Say hi to Daisy for me ;).

The original "FRUGAL LUXURIES" ~ Based on the books by Tracey McBride ~ Established 1993

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"FRUGAL LUXURIES: Simple Pleasures to Enhance Your Life and Comfort Your Soul" was written by Tracey McBride and published by Bantam Books, NY, in 1997. It was the first of its genre to synergize the elements of simplicity, frugality and gracious living.

After more than a decade, FRUGAL LUXURIES has never been out of print and is now more relevant than ever.

"It's our hope that a new generation, faced with a teetering economy, will also find this information helpful and enlightening."

Sending Good Thought to Our Special Band of Kind and Kindred Souls!

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