Another Goodie From Generous DaisyMum7...Down Under on Daisy Mountain!

Good Morning Dear Souls.

DaisyMum7, from Daisy Mountain has generously tagged me to write 6 things I am happy about (and then nominate 3 others to do the same)...

1. I am very grateful to be healthy. I've seen first hand, from growing up with a mother who suffered terribly from Multiple Sclerosis, how precious is the gift of good health. It is something I work very hard to appreciate and not take for granted.

2. I am grateful for my kind and good husband. You know that old saying..."A true friend is someone who knows all about you...and likes you anyway." ? That's us.

3. I am grateful for our three two oldest are kind, hardworking, goodhearted young adults in their early twenties...and our youngest is sixteen and a joy to have around...with her kind, patient and wise ways.

4. I am grateful for my father. He has set the watermark for all of us when caring for my mom (at home) as she suffered for over forty years (my entire life) from Multiple Sclerosis. I'm sure he's not even aware of how his example of loyalty, patience, and care has positively affected his children and grandchildren...and everyone who ever met him and my mom. In fact, I'm sure his great (and great, great) grandchildren will be told stories about his devotion and character. Most people forget that our behavior creates a ripple affect...through generations. His grandmother (my great grandmother) came from Sweden. As far back as I can remember he told stories about how she cared for my great grandfather (her husband) for years, after he became incapacitated by a stroke. That was his example....and it rippled through the generations to him, as he cared for my mom in a similar manner. Through that care, he's passes a similar example to his own children and grandchildren. What a beautiful gift.

5. I'm grateful that we are blessed with our lovely little "Grace Cottage", more than enough to eat, warm clothes and a comfortable, peaceful home to return to each day.

6. I am grateful for the ability to be grateful...i.e., the ability to recognize and appreciate the little luxuries, gifts and miracles that pop up in our lives throughout each day...and for the knowledge that what we focus on grows (thus, I try to focus on what's lovely, right and good).

Now...I pass this tag on to...

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Thank you again, DaisyMum7, for the tag and for the opportunity to reflect on my blessings...there are many more which I have not mentioned...I am grateful for the lovely, lovely souls I've found in this ethereal blogging community.
Blessings and best thoughts to you all.

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