Family Pictures....

Katie's Plaid Christmas Party! (Above)...
She told me everyone thought she looked like the American Girl doll...Samantha.
I thought that was so funny because she had (still has :) Samantha when she was little!

Daddy, Rosie and Momma (me)!


charmaine said...

hi Tracey! i love that photo, she looks so cute! i am sitting here as i write listening to you on the radio. i noticed on your blog that you were on there on Dec.8th, so i went to Positive Living and looked up the date. it's nice to hear a voice to match the face. you have a very kind voice. i love all the ideas you are giving. i love what you did for your husband with the pocket and wrist watch. how touching and beautiful was that! i know he was just over whelmed with that thoughtful gift. i also love hearing about your mothers tea set. that was so touching. also, i love the gift cards too. i just love how you are sharing your ideas for meaningful gifts that are priceless. thanks for your inspiration! i have to go now, but i will be listening to the rest later. have a blessed evening! talk to you soon.

God Bless,

Tracey McBride said...

Bless you sweet Charmaine, you are always so kind. I'm so glad you liked the radio interview (the phone went out twice and I had a cold and got a little flustered...but Patricia, the host, is fabulous). I never listen to them as I always beat myself up mentally thinking I should have done this...could have done that...be better...make it better:) Perhaps I should start...it might improve my interviews, such as they are!! lol
I hope you and your family are having a lovely day today, and enjoying the cool but sunny weather (I hope we're over the spell of rain, but it was fun to have it rainy on Christmas!). My wish is for you and your family to enjoy a Blessed and Happy New Year. May 2009 be a miraculous and blessed year for you... and for all the other good souls in the world. With friendship and good thoughts from...

charmaine said...

Happy New Year Tracey! i pray that 2009 will be a blessed and prosperous year for you and your family. i look forward to knowing you even more. you have truly been very kind and sweet to me. i really appreciate your creative ideas and your loving spirit. i know that God has great plans for you and your family. please continue to inspire others with your gift of humbleness and kindness. God bless you and may He keep you always.

God bless,

Terri and Bob said...


How did you find my blog??? Are you ok with me using your book on the blog?? I am thrilled that you found me!

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Terri! I am very HONORED that you're using the book and the philosophy on your blog! I wanted to Thank You for the nice mentions too!
P.S. I stumbled across your blog by accident last week (I was drawn in by your office closet :) ...today I was just checking through my favorite blogs and saw the FLUX post and had to comment and say thanks!

charmaine said...

hi Tracey! how was your day today? i stayed home and did a little cleaning. i also was in a very 70's and 80's music mood. i really miss good clean music, you know, real artist. so, i put all kinds of 70's and 80's music on my play list. i know people are going to probably think i have lost my mind, lol!! but, i got my cleaning done today. the music really gave me a lot of good energy. i think i lost a couple of pounds off my backside,lol!! well, i'll talk to you soon. have a good evening!

God Bless,
your friend,

It's Just Me said...

I used a snippet from your book in my blog today and linked it back to your blog. I hope that you are comfortable with that. I am happy to have "rediscovered" your book.



the pleasures of homemaking said...

She looks just adorable and she looks so much like you! I remember you talking about your kids in your books and they were small then! Time flys!


Tracey McBride said...

Hi Jules!
No problem at all! I take it as a huge compliment whenever people mention the books and excerpt them!! So...thank you for the nice words. I hope you enjoy the recipes (I have a food blog too, but I haven't been putting much on it lately http://frugalluxuriesfood.blogspot.com if you'd like to take a peek :). I am behind on posting all the way around (I'm spending too much time browsing other blogs and leaving comments :). That being said, I'd better get to work writing my next posts ! Thanks again for your nice mention.

Cali Girl said...

hi tracey.. i have an award for you.. come and get it!

charmaine said...

hi Tracey! i've missed writing to you. how have you been? how's the family? i pray that all is well. i see that you have been given an award by the super amazing Cali girl, i just love her! so, you know that you are truly one of my favorites, so, i am passing this award on to you. you have truly captured my attention because you are such a sweet and humble spirit. i just love visiting and reading your blog. you are truly an inspiration and great blog company. i am really happy that we have met. talk to you soon.

God Bless,

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