Festivals of Spring: THE FEAST OF SAINT PATRICK. Creative Recycling of Irish Linen

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Drawing by Alexis Larson-Gibson; published in Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons

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"I have loved flowers that fade, within whose magic tents
Rich hues have marriage made with sweet unmemoried scents"
--Robert Bridges

"Did you know that March is National Craft Month? Every month is craft month in our house, but we will happily use this designation as an excuse to create a frugal luxury from recycled handkerchiefs (found at yard sales or flea markets) or hemmed scraps of good-quality fabrics you have on hand in your craft or sewing pantry). I have used green-and-white cotton gingham, as well as small square damask napkins imprinted with a clover design. If you have heirloom handkerchiefs, this is a lovely way to transform them into useful gifts to pass along to your daughter, niece or grand-daughter. Or you my want to cut squares from the better parts of worn but beloved baby clothes, childhood dresses and the like.

To Make:
  • One square handkerchief or hemmed piece of square fabric (the fabric may be any size but it must be square in order for this project to work properly)
  • Sewing needle and thread to match your fabric.
  • Dried herbs or natural potpourri, such as lavender, rose petals, scented geraniums, or shredded orange, lemon, or apple peel
  • Essential oil to enhance scent (optional)
  • Small amount of cotton batting or several cotton balls
  • 14 to 18 inches of 3/4 inch satin, grosgrain, or chiffon ribbon (wired ribbon looks attractive as well)
  • Optional: Attractive vintage buttons to ornament your sachet
Place handkerchief right-side down and form an envelope with it by bringing three of it's four corners to meet in the center. Stitch the corners in place (be certain you don't stitch through to the other side). Leave the fourth flap loose. Turn the fabric envelope right-side out.

Use ribbon to form a hanging loop by cutting it in half and stitching or gluing one piece of ribbon to the top corner of each side. Bring ends together at the top and tie into a bow. Fill the fabric envelope with potpourri and cotton batting, cotton balls or a pillow form . NOTE: If you opt to use cotton balls, you may put a few drops of essential oil on them...be careful not to overdue the oil...also, make sure it's soaked well into the cotton before inserting into the linen sachet in order to avoid staining. Close the flap of the fabric envelope. You may leave it loose or stitch it closed.

This charming sachet looks lovely hanging inside your clothes closet, on the handle of the bathroom door (inside or out) you may also dangle the sachet from a small, decorative hook to scent a room or closet.

If you are feeling ambitious, make several of these sachets as additions to your Gift Pantry (TM)--They make lovely token gifts to present to teachers, friends, and hostesses or as an addition to a themed gift basket.

Above except was taken from: Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons, by Tracey McBride,
Published by Bantam Books, NY, NY, 2000.


NOTE: The sachet pillow above is filled with a small pillow form
that has been scented with lavender and clover.

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Storybook Woods said...

What a lovely heartfelt girf ad a great wayb ot use a hanky. Thank you for the idea. Clarice

Sage said...

What a wonderful idea! I just inherited a little trunk filled with vintage handkerchiefs and was wondering what to do with them. This is perfect :)

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