A few years ago, during our workshop days,
a happy accident (and five dollars :) brought four yards of
well made, black and white toile fabric into my possession.

With it came a question...

How to showcase this lovely bit of fabric to its best advantage?


After a bit of measuring...
I realized I would have enough to make this little valance to embellish a rather ordinary door (above).


After a bit more measuring, and some tussling about in my fabric & pillow armoire,

I realized I could transform these worn chair cushions (below).

Into these (below).



Thus, with a little thought...

A tea cup (to make the scalloped edges of the chair cushions)...

A saucer (to make the scalloped edges of the door valance)...

and a vintage Singer sewing machine that only sews one stitch...

combined with a few hours of time...

You can transform a little into a lot!



Simply Heart And Home said...

Tracey, so adorable! I love your material!

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Tracey, you are so brilliant. I LOVE it. You did a really good job too xoxoxo Clarice

charmaine said...

good morning my sweet friend! oh how i've dreamed of having this kind of talent. i always wanted to learn how to sew so that i could create beautiful things like this. i love the black and white and i love the toile fabric. that image of that little space is so beautiful. i love the toile pillows in the white wicker chair. you are so creative and talented. i'm going to take a sewing class that they offer here locally this summer. sewing is such a gift to do, you can make so many things for yourself and others. i was even looking up sewing machines but i have no idea of which ones are best and reasonable. can you give me some advice on that? i would need one to take to the class this summer. just let me know when you can, no rush.

How are you and your Family? i pray all is well. how was your Easter weekend? we had a beautiful celebration. i know you said that another one of your daughters was home, i know you enjoyed your time together. i pray that God will continue to protect your family where ever you go. you are so sweet Tracey and i pray for you and your family all the time. although we've never met, i kind of feel responsible to keep you in my prayers. you are such a kind and humble person. have a lovely day and a beautiful week.

God Bless,

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

The black and white toile made a charming valance it has a festoon appearance, which is my favorite style. The transformation in the chair pads was the Pièce de résistance.

Sweet wishes,

Dana and Daisy said...

Beautiful and trés chic!

This may sound silly, but I might have been tempted to make a scarlett O'hara styled dress of the fabric. You know, actually, would a toile mini dress not be cute? not on me, but maybe on some skinnier person. I could totally see it. and you would still have two yards left over, ha ha!

Vintage Girl said...

What great use of such beautiful fabric. I love how you used a tea cup and a plate for measuring, my kind of girl! The end results are so pretty, great job!! Blessings, Heather

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