"When I'm worried and I can't sleep...

.... I count my blessings instead of sheep

And I fall asleep counting my blessings

When my bankroll is getting small I think of when I had none at all

And I fall asleep counting my blessings."

--Irving Berlin

(From the 1954 movie "White Christmas")


Yesterday, Katie and I were nestled on our most-comfy sofa in the nook thinking about a good friend. As we were sitting there we decided to consciously appreciate the frugal luxuries that have popped-up in our lives this week and make a list. We decided to share them with you too!

The yummy lunch special from our very FAVORITE Chinese restaurant Fortune Cookie
COST: six dollars
FRUGAL LUXURY: healthy eating, priceless...

My amazingly easy conserves made from a handful of over-ripe strawberries...
COST: about one dollar,
FRUGAL LUXURY: homemade jam for my family, priceless...

Receiving visits from my crazy squirrel friends
COST: about a quarter
FRUGAL LUXURY: squirrelly friendships? Priceless!!

Shangra La tea, sent to me via my brother-in-law (he bought it in bulk and had a bunch extra).
COST: Free
FRUGAL LUXURY: drinking the best iced tea in the world with family and friends? Priceless!

My HUMUNGOUS, GORGEOUS pine cone (four inches by five or more) that Katie found for me yesterday and brought home... it now sits atop a cake plate in the living room (low carb)...
COST: Free
FRUGAL LUXURY: a gift from your child... priceless

The story about the chihuahua dog who was blown away by a strong gust of wind and was lost for two days...until a pet psychic informed its elderly, heart-broken owners of its wearabouts and she is now safely home (that story courtesy of today's Oprah show).
COST: Free
FRUGAL LUXURY: a hearty laugh, a good cry, and a happy ending... priceless

A most welcome cup of Starbucks brewed coffee this morning... along with MIke's company... enjoyed it at the marina while watching the boats leave the harbor...
COST: $1.95
FRUGAL LUXURY: being awake... priceless

Stumbling upon a yard sale on the way home and finding four, cut crystal tumblers (brand new)... a picnic basket with lid (for future frugal luxuries)... amongst other goodies...
COST: $15
FRUGAL LUXURY: the satisfaction of buying expensive luxuries at a fraction of the original cost... priceless

Sitting on our most comfy old couch with my delightful, de-lovely, daughter!!
COST: Free
FRUGAL LUXURY: Quality time with my loved ones... priceless

Are we blessed or what??!!

Remember, frugal luxuries are more than daily occurrences... they're a way of life!

What are your frugal luxuries from this week?

Tracey and Katie xoxox

A set of four, brand new, crystal glasses ($2.50 each)

A picnic basket to hold future frugal luxuries...


...made in Durango, Colorado, U.S.A. (quite like new)!

Mike spied this heavy, rectangular platter for a mere $3.00 ...

...imagine our surprise when we turned it over to find it was vintage, English stoneware!

This most precious treasure of all was given to me by my grown-up little girl, Katie!



Michelle said...

I am constantly amazed at the way the thoughts of kindred spirits alight on the same path. Your post echoes so many of my reveries lately.

After my prayers at night, I have been working on starting a new daily habit. I count thirty things that are blessings in my life. The ones I treasure the most have no price (they're free) and are the most cherished (priceless, as you say, Tracey). Hugs from my husband, random loving touches as he walks by me, requests for hugs from my daughter several times a day, the way she leans into my hand when I walk by her as she is homeschooling and stroke her hair, singing songs together while we're driving in the car, a perfect rose blooming on a less-than-perfect bush, the rich-as-thick-cream purr and silky fur of a well-loved kitty, nourishing food on the table for every meal, enough food stocks in the pantry to share with friends who are struggling right now, a card from a treasured friend letting me know how she treasures me (!), a small stray kitten choosing our home as a refuge, a snowy white egret in flight viewed from our back deck, a homey classic movie starring Jeanne Crain on a rainy Saturday afternoon, curling up with an old favorite book under a soft throw with a cup of steaming tea . . .

Yes, my husband's pay has been cut. Yes, he's working two jobs. Yes, we have to careful with money. And yes, I'm so grateful that through it all God not only meets our physical needs, but also meets our spiritual and emotional ones, so very well. So many blessings, so many moments to treasure, so much to be thankful for. I can only thank God for loving me enough to gift me with so much.

Blessings on your day,


Saver Queen said...

I just love this list! It's great! The crystal and picnic basket are beautiful - what great finds.

I am counting my frugal luxuries this weekend... great garage sales, sunshine, my very affectionate kitten who keeps licking my nose, watching old Star Trek episodes on Saturday morning with my partner, while drinking coffee and eating eggs and homemade bread. My basil and sage seedlings are growing. And my partner bought me new summer pjs (pj sets were on sale for $9.99 at Zellers - our Canadian version of Target). I am constantly noticing frugal luxuries now!

Michelle said...

Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog again, Tracey. Your comment warmed my heart and made me smile. After a conversation with my daughter this morning, and in the vein of your post here and my reflections on life lately, I decided to write a post on blessings. Thank YOU for the inspiration.

Blessings upon your day,


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

That pinecone is marvelous! This was a lovely post Tracey! A gentle reminder to appreciate the little blessings in life.

Have a wonder Mother's Day my friend!


charmaine said...

hi Tracey! i really love this post and i LOVE your finds. i wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy Mother's Day. we will probably both be busy with family tomorrow, so i wanted to write you tonight. i just got in and i said, "i need to make sure i wish Tracey a Happy Mother's Day", i pray your day will be truly blessed with you and your family. i did get your message about the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". so you liked it? cool, i love that movie. i'm not going to write too long, i have some gifts to wrap. i'll be talking to you soon. wishing you the best and keep inspiring us with your amazing creations.

God Bless,

Simply Heart And Home said...

What a lovely quote and so true.

When we dwell on what blessings we have, we are more than content. ;)

Happy Mother's Day, Tracey!


Rhonda in OK said...

What a great post, Tracey.
Love the English platter.

I've been feeling a little "poor" but your post certainly reinforces that I am not poor at all. Thank you

Dana and Daisy said...

Hi Tracey, I enjoyed one of my frugal luxuries yesterday. A vintage bicycle from my MIL's garage, I planted the basket with geraniums and lobelia and placed it in the garden.

Planter on wheels with blooming flowers: $8.00
Unique garden sculpture: priceless

I'll probably take a pic and post it next week!
Love, Dana

scrappy quilter said...

I so enjoyed reading this post. I'm not sure why your old posts are showing up, however I'm thoroughly enjoying them. Hugs..

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