It's Never Too Early To Begin Thinking About The Wondrous Circle of Christmas and the Winter Holidays...

Photo: Tracey McBride

"I'm in the habit of looking not so much to the nature of the gift

as to the spirit in which it is offered."

--Robert Louis Stevenson


For the past dozen or so years,

I've been honored to be part of my friend Patricia Raskin's

POSITIVE LIVING holiday programs.

Recently, she's organized an...

online archive
for some of these shows.

If you're interested in hearing

a bevy of ideas about how to prepare for the holidays...

without breaking the bank (or losing your mind :)

please feel free to listen to them by clicking the link Below!

Tracey McBride: Frugal Luxuries By the Season


Simply Heart And Home said...

Thank you, Tracey! Those are lovely ideas!

charmaine said...

hi Tracey! i miss you! how are you and the family doing? i pray all is well with you. i will definitely be checking this link out. thank you for your wonderful ideas and for the link. so, what have you been up to? are you getting ready for fall? i know i mention this every time i leave you a message, but i can't wait for summer to leave. it has been so hot. with the combination of the heat and the bad smoke from the fires, i have been having it kind of rough. the fires have really been making the air so bad. the smoke was just dreadful. even when my windows were closed, you could still smell the smoke. this fire was really bad. where i live, i could actually see the flames burning the mountain top. the people who lived closer to the mountain and in the area had to evacuate. i felt so bad for them and their homes. also for the beautiful trees and those precious animals. it has been rough. thank God it's cleared. my lungs were hurting. but i'm glad it's over now. it seems like every year we have to deal with this. how are your beautiful girls? have they started school already? my son has. i miss him already. well, i pray that you will have a beautiful blessed week and i'm wishing you and your family the best. keeping you in my prayers always my beautiful friend.

God Bless,

scrappy quilter said...

Thanks Tracey, I love when you do this. Always so much great info.

daisymum7 said...

Hi Tracey

For some weird reason about a years worth of your posts has come up on my bloglist. I haven't been able to open your blog for ages, I thought perhaps you had disappearede. and now ehre you are with a all these wodnerful ideas. I am starting a new job today but when I get home I am sitting down with a pot of coffee (seriously I mena there are about 30 posts) and catching up with what you have been doing.

So pleased you are back


Anonymous said...

I just found your wonderful website. Thanks for all the great ideas!


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