Win This Book... Time for Another Frugal Luxuries tm Give~Away!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

It's time for another book Give~Away!!

To enter...

leave a comment...or two...or three... !!

We're treating this give~away as a raffle of sorts thus...

each time you comment

your name will be entered into the drawing.

The Give~Away is open until April 1st!

We will announce the winner some time that week.

Please feel free to

  • say a quick "hello"

  • share your favorite idea(s)

  • your favorite frugal luxuries

  • your favorite blogs (including your own!)

  • or simply share a good thought

Each comment is another chance to win!

Thanks for being such a lovely part of Frugal Luxuries!


Tracey and Family


If you haven't a blog please leave your email so we can contact you in the event your name is chosen as the winner!


Kaye Swain said...

Woohoo - looks like I get to be one of the first :) I've thoroughly enjoyed both your books and shared them a couple of times, plus moved, so have no clue what I've done with them (along with a few zillion other items and books :) ). I would LOVE to win another copy for my new home. Thanks for a fun contest.

One of my fave frugal resources is Trina's cute country clipart. You can find a link to it at my site. Really cute, really well-priced, and wonderful use rights! :)

Happy St Patricks Day! :)

scrappy quilter said...

Again, a lovely giveaway. I loved this book along with your other one. Hugs

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

YAY!!! Your book is just what I wanted! Pick me, pick me!
(It mean so much to me knowing that I can ask almost complete strangers to pray and they do. Thank you so much!)

DarcyLee said...

I hope you and yours are doing well today. Happy St. Patrick's Day. I love all of your pretty things you share with us.

robyn said...

I would feel so blessed to be picked for this book. I love anything frugal and pretty!! Thank-you for the opportunity!

Solange Honorato said...

I love Frugal Luxuries!really want to win your book!!!

Bettyann said...

What a lovely St Paddy's Day present..thank you for the giveaway...have never read your book and would love it...

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden said...

The only reason I don't have your books yet is because I have to go "out of town" to get one, so I just keep thinking, One of these days, I am going to Lynnwood to find Traceys books... Are you going to start my collection for me?

Lisa said...

Woot! Count me in. :)

Rhonda in OK said...

Hello Tracey

my current favorite frugal luxury is a big mug of hot tea while I read a book.

hope you are having a good week

Storybook Woods said...

I am sadly late, happy green day sweetie. I hope it was yummy, our was. Well you are one of my favorite frugal blogs, of course xoxoxo Clarice

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

A Warm Hello To...

Kaye: Kaye Swain

Carol: scrappy quilter

Karyn @ Candarbry Garden



Solange Honorato


Karyn @ Candarbry Garden


Rhonda in OK

Clarice at Storybook Woods!!

We're already compiling the list for our random drawing on April 2nd!! Please remember that every time you enter a comment Frugal Luxuries...on any post (from March17th thru April 1st)...we will put your name in the bowl and increase your chances for winning.

Sending good thoughts and appreciation to you all.

With love from...
Tracey and Family.


Deborah said...

Great! Another book of inspiration to add to my library. Fell in love with your ideas with the very first book I read. I'm not sure I can't wait till April 1st, though it is just around the corner to find out who the blessed winner is. Good luck everyone!

jojo said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will visit this site often.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Right now my favorite frugal luxury is a good magazine now and then. I especially love those that have great recipes to inspire me.

Vintage Girl said...

How thoughtful of you! My favourite frugal luxury of late is sipping a hot apple cider curled up under a quilt reading a good book...Beth Moore's latest is what I'm reading now. Comfort and coziness, wonderful feeling! Hugs, Heather

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun--I too love to make something from nothing! Right now I am enjoying a cup of tea and cinnamon toast--feeling like a queen.

Angela said...

Lovely blog, stumbled on by chance.
I too have made herbal vinegars for gifts.
Please stop by my blog, I have a giveaway this weekend too [and 2 more before easter]
Lenten blessings! x x

MJs Table Talk said...

Love this book give away idea Tracey! May have the try the idea :) Also love the olive oil and tea cup gift in your margin!

Come Gather Around The Table ~

misskp said...

I just love to visit your blog, Tracey. I always come away with inspiration of some sort....a project to try, an attitude to adopt! Thank you for sharing your special talents with us!


Jan LaFollette said...

What a wonderful blog, winning your book would be an added bonus. Thanks to "Confessions of a Junkyard Cat" blog for sharing your link.

Kimberly said...

I enjoy visiting here so much and collecting your wonderful ideas. What a blessing!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Hi Tracey, just discovered you in Pinterest and LOVE your boards! I think we have a similar aesthetic! I would love to receive a copy of your book. I'm sure it's very inspiring.

So thrilled to have found your blog!


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