The Art of Frugality This Week

~  This week wasn't as frugal as it could have been.  Mike went out of town for work for several days. I drove up and stayed with him for a couple of nights. We enjoyed a frugal sort-of mini vacation...going out for dinner with a nice group of friends in the evenings and visiting afterward was very relaxing and interesting.  I brought food from home for me to eat for my own breakfast and lunches while he was at work and then we ate dinners out as a treat. 

~  Once we arrived home from our out of town trip we went into frugal mode again, eating from the freezer and pantry and making homemade juices by using up the slightly wilting greens and not so crisp cucumbers that had been left in the refrigerator. 

~  Went through my vitamins cupboard to inventory and organize what was on hand. The goal is to use up the oldest vitamins first before they expire.  I found several surprises in the back of the cupboard (purchased during BOGO sales, tucked away and, embarrassingly, forgotten). These will save us having to restock this month on some items that were getting low.

~  Along the same lines as above...I'm also in the process of going through all our skin and hair care products with a similar goal in mind. I found two new bottles of shampoo under the sink (more forgotten BOGOs).  I am taking a hard look at my poor system of keeping inventory of our pantries and thus brainstorming new ways to do this better!

~  Created a new frittata recipe by crumbling a small bit of feta into two beaten eggs, added a shake or two of finely ground Parmesan, cut fresh parsley (that was beginning wilt) a bit of black pepper, garlic and onion powder, and baked it in a very small cast iron skillet.  It came out lovely and, along with a salad, actually provided two nice meals for me when Mike was gone! It was born of my trying to eat up the last bits and bobs that were in the fridge. 

How did you practice the art of frugality this week?


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

When I cleaned out the linen closet in the bathroom a few weeks ago, I can't tell you how many items I found that I had forgotten we even had. My husband had cleaned it and reorganized it the last time and had placed extra shampoo and such in the very back where I can't see them.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

That's a happy surprise Brenda! Its nice that the extra shampoo and such has a very long shelf life!

Jan Morrison said...

I recently (a week ago) moved back to our home in Nova Scotia from Labrador where we've lived for five years. At the end, trying to get rid of stuff from a house full of my mother-in-law's stuff and spare stuff that accumulates, I threw out lots of things that I might regret. We simply didn't have the room in our truck, station wagon or trailer. Mailing half used bottles of shampoo (not bought by me) was foolish and the church thrift shop won't take it, quite rightly. So...our bad. On the positive side, I don't wash my hair unless I go in the pool or saltwater. I haven't for seven years. That's a lot of shampoo!

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