Born With a Home-Spun Silver Spoon: How to Repurpose Silver-plated Flatware

A table full of tree peruse as we adorn the tree.

I made these ornamental spoons using recycled silver-plate.
Because much of the silver had worn away I sprayed them with gold paint...
drilled a tiny hole at the top of the handle...
threaded ribbon through the hole ...
...then I applied a tiny floral decal to the concave spoon centers.

Hello Dear Souls...I know... everyone else seems to have been done weeks ago...but I so enjoy savoring these seasonal tasks...and working within my own time frame...I suppose you could say I find pleasure in marching to my own drum ;)...
as well as the Charming Imperfections (tm) that go hand-in-hand with this relaxed attitude.
Sending you all an abundance of blessings and good thoughts.


charmaine said...

hi Tracey! you are a very clever girl, i love what you did to those spoons. they look beautiful! i love how you put the butterfly and cranberries on them, really makes them look so festive. is that gold paint spray or brush on? the gold is so beautiful and deep in color, very pretty. looks like gold leaf. did you paint the two pitchers too. i love visiting your blog because you are so creative. it's amazing when you do things on your own. these are going to look lovely in your tree. how are you and the family? i pray all is well. i'll be checking back soon. keep inspiring!

God Bless,

Tracey McBride said...

Hi Charmaine! Thanks so much (as always) for the kind comments. I used gold spray paint on the spoons, but that gold leaf look is due to the fact that they were tarnished when I sprayed them ;). Sometimes it pays not to do things properly :)! The two little pitchers I didn't paint, they are vintage, gold luster-ware, similar to the cup I used in an earlier post (the one with the bulb planted inside). I am going to take pictures of the tree tomorrow and try to post them this week. It's nothing fancy, just simple and garden-y, with a few sparkles. Thanks again for the kind comments. The family is well, but just found out my brother (in Seattle) couldn't get to the airport today to fly home for Christmas. They are getting hit quite hard with snow...well above normal...and many are snowed in. Was sorry to hear that. Other than that, all is well. My little Rosie will be turning 16 tomorrow!!! Tempus Fugit as my mom always used to say...quite correctly...time does indeed have wings. I hope your family is well and very happy. More soon my friend. Many good thoughts and blessings sent your always.
Warmly, traceyxo

charmaine said...

Tracey, as always your words are like a breath of fresh air. thank you for your comments on both blogs, you are a jewel. i have to say that you are one of my favorite blog friends. i just really enjoy your character. God Bless you!

so you used gold spray paint, well you did a beautiful job. and i think by them being tarnished first really gave the spoons a lot of character and a old vintage look.

sorry to hear that your brother couldn't get to the airport because of the weather. i pray that he will have a beautiful Christmas anyway.

So, your daughter will be 16 tomorrow? i know your amazed at how fast she got there. well i pray that she will have a blessed birthday and that she will celebrate many more.

i hope you and your family will have a blessed Christmas! this is a very important celebration as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

i look forward to seeing your tree!

best wishes to you and your family,

God Bless,

Marie Beausoleil said...

The spoons are gorgeous! I agree, sometimes it's best to leave things slightly "not perfect".

Up here in Canada, we're getting pummeled by snow as well, and the weather is acting very strangely.

Happy birthday to your "baby", and I hope all of you are having a wonderful and blessed Christmas.


Down the Rabbit Hole said...


I love the idea for the spoons, thank you for sharing! I too enjoy savoring the seasonal tasks. I hope you and your dear family have a wonderful Christmas!

Storybook Woods said...

Tracey, what a smart idea. You always inspire me. Clarice

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