WINTER'S CONTRARY REIGN: Enjoying Cool Green Fires.


Went outside and snipped some fresh Rosemary from our wild and tiny front garden...

...looked around and up at the Pine tree next to our driveway...

...and spied a few generous looking Pine Cones within my reach.
With a quiet sigh of thanks...
I plucked them and brought them inside to
ornament our Winter Mantle.

Keeping the twinkle lights and some of the candles from our Autumn mantle... I added my vintage green planters...growing winter bulbs... along with a bit of sparkle and ornament in honor of the holidays... after tucking in the fresh Rosemary and Pine cones.

A pretty vintage pitcher...made of Mexican silver and Abalone...
is just the right size for our fireplace matches...
the small cache pot holds smaller matches.

I appreciate the green of these vintage pottery pieces...
I keep them up year round...along with the neo-classical candlesticks.

Not a great photograph...but here's the view from our upstairs hallway.
Nature is my theme this year...and the tree motif was done in a fit of whimsy.
I'll replace the vintage stained glass mirror once Christmas has passed...
look for it to pop up here and there throughout the seasons.

When I took the mantle photos (a few weeks ago) Zoe was in the thick of our doings... so many changes... so many things to jump onto... and to chase... and to take pleasure in! Perhaps we should take a little lesson from her joy in the simple things...especially during this hectic season!
P.S. I have a little work deadline to meet this week...
so may not be posting much for a few days...but I will check in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Tracey for your sweet comment- they really mean alot coming from you and I mean that. I love that you use the beauty in your garden for your mantle. When we first looked at this house a year ago in the summer, my first response to all the huge overgrown juniper and cedar trees was "Oh look at all the greenery I will have for Christmas decorating!!! The junipers have beautiful plump berries and, it smells so very wonderful and woodsey!


Your home looks wonderful also! Did I say that before?

charmaine said...

wow, Tracey what a beautiful post! what an inspiration you are! i love your rosemary garden and that beautiful pine tree. what a beautiful world God has made for us. it's so important that we show Him appreciation in His creations. i love what you did to the mantle. the pine cones and rosemary look so organic and beautiful. i love the green vintage planters and those white candle sticks are fabulous. and last but not least, Zoe is just beautiful. i love her color! i hope you are having a wonderful day! look forward to hearing from you soon.

God Bless,

charmaine said...

hi Tracey! you are just the sweetest, motivating, inspiring person. maybe you need to open a school to teach people about being humble and kindhearted because you get an A++++++ for your kind Spirit. it's truly a blessing to be kind like that and very healthy. i always believe that this kind Spirit is from God,it is definitely His likeness. if you were a jewel you would be priceless! God Bless you and the people who are blessed to have you around them everyday. keep inspiring!

God Bless,

Tracey McBride said...

Speaking of kind people...! Thank you so much for this, and the many other kind comments you so generously post Charmaine.

For those of you who may be wondering...please visit Charmaine's blog Beautiful Things to Share and you will see why I am so appreciative of her. I believe her philosophy is that viewing beautiful things lifts the spirit and inspires the soul to higher thought and feeling0. She has an uncanny gift for discovering and then SHARING all these beautiful things. Thus the title! (To me, it feels almost like a wish book!) Anyway, every single picture she posts is just lovely to behold, and visiting it like a treasure trove of ideas and inspirations and dream/ideals. I think, if she edited a magazine, I would be first subscriber!! (In a way, her blog is very much like that, isn't it).
Anyway, I know I always take away a good feeling and a great idea after every visit.
Thank you Charmaine. May God bless you and your family.

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Now those plates in the shape of a Christmas tree are just too cute! So clever! Love all the natural elements on your mantle - just beautiful!


Cali Girl said...

yor cat is a cutie-pie!

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