"The Pleasures of Homemaking" Book Give Away!!

Photo: The Pleasures of Homemaking

Amazing Manuela is hosting a give-away
at her inspiring blog

The Pleasures of Homemaking

and I am honored that she chose one of my own books to be part of the give-away package!

To enter to win a copy of "Frugal Luxuries by the Seasons" and

Jonnie McCoy's fantastic and encouraging book,

"Miserly Moms"

just pop by and visit Manuela's blog and leave a little comment under the give-away post.

While you're there,

I know you'll want to spend a lot of time browsing through

Manuela's creative and inspiring blog

but beware...

she has so many great ideas that her blog becomes addicting!!


Just Jules said...

oh wow. you finally updated in my bloggy update thing. I have been a terrible blogger lately. life has taken over I guess. so good to be back to your calming blue page.

daisymum7 said...


How are you?? It is weird why your blogs don't update - never mind - here now. Yes I do believe there is a green streets in the US. Not sure if it the same concept but check out the Australian site and see.


Tracey McBride said...

Yes, my kind friends, the bloggy seems to forget about "Frugal Luxuries..." sometimes and it's a mystery why.

Hello Jules!!! No problem about the blogging, at all. In fact, I have a "Guilt Free" rule regarding sporadic blogging (being quite sporadic myself at times). My logic? Blogging is supposed to be ideas and journals of our life EXPERIENCES: The problems arise when we (i.e., I) spend too much of our life online blogging or browsing (guilty as charged). Sometimes, when I am getting not much done in real life, I simply must walk away from the computer for awhile and get a grip on my material surroundings (always a challenge).

Hello my darlin' Daisy Mum!!! So lovely,lovely, lovely to see your friendly face/name. Love the concept of the "Green Streets" philosophy and will google it here as well as the Australian site if need be, as you suggest

Simply Heart And Home said...


I would LOVE to win that drawing. I am heading over right now!
and BOO! You are cordially invited to participate in this month's Country Heart Giveaway.


Tracey McBride said...

Hello Gina!!! Thank you for the "Boo". I happily accept your invitation to enter your current give away! Warmly,Tracey xo

charmaine said...

oh wow, i'll have to stop by and visit! that was very kind of her to use your book in her giveaway. how are you my beautiful friend? i was looking at my blogs today and i noticed that you left a kind message on my little girl blog and on my cookie swap blog. you are so sweet. thank you! if you remain my only visitor i'll be just as happy as ever! :)

so, how's your beautiful family? i pray all is well. are you getting ready for the holidays? i look forward to seeing what lovely ideas you'll come up with. i can't believe October is almost over. can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? you are so funny, when i read my cookie swap blog message you left me, i understood just what you were talking about. LOL!!!

just this weekend i posted this beautiful photo add for Neiman Marcus on my blog, and i was wondering, who in the world does this model remind me of. after thinking hard, i said she looks like Tracey and her girls. she has that beautiful dark hair with those gorgeous eyes. she really favors you and your girls a lot. come over and check it out.

i hope you had a lovely weekend. mines was very relaxing. i was craving a chocolate cake and guess what, i made one. i'll have to pay for that this week. i'm glad i was not the only one eating it. well i pray that your week will be full of great blessings for you and your family. looking forward to hearing from you soon!

God Bless,

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