Vintage Family Linens in A Forgotten Old Trunk...

While I must confess to owning an over-abundance of vintage linens and fabrics, most were acquired by way of antique shops, estate & yard sales.

When making the move to Grace Cottage, I packed away some of my very special old linens, vintage dresses, nighties, wedding gown and vintage drapes into an old travel trunk
I had acquired while on vacation in Wisconsin/Minnesota about 17 years ago. My goal? To keep the family pieces separated from the acquired pieces for posterity's sake (i.e., my daughters). The trunk was put away and half-forgotten for over a decade.


Yesterday, as Mike was working in the garage, he pulled down the old travel trunk.

I thought I'd share with you the pleasure I had rummaging through it this morning.



Vintage Girl said...

Oh my, what beautiful treasures. You must have had so much fun going through it all again. I love the look of antique lace and I always wonder how it was used or for the purpose it was bought. Do you have plans for any of it? Have a great night! Blessings, Heather

scrappy quilter said...

Oh my Tracey, those are awesome. I'm drooling here. What a incredible treasure you have. I love lace and collect it to use on quilts and even just to look at. C uses some on her sewing projects. I'm so glad you found Mike found this in the garage. I too wonder what you plan to do with it. Hugs Carol

Sandi said...

How I would love to open a trunk like that! What gorgeous treasures!!! Thanks for sharing!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I love reminiscing over special treasures! You have some lovely linens and such.


Tootsie said...

I would love to sort through something like that! My old trunk is full of new fabrics...waiting for the perfect time to peek out and get sewn into something fabulous! (unfortunately...I sew only straight lines...so fabulous might be simple pillows...lol)
thanks for the visit...stay sane and hope you find time to relax...I hope I do too! lol

Terri and Bob said...

ooooooo sooo lovely! I am impressed at what good shape the linens are in. You are so good to keep the family pieces separated. I know that when my grandmother passes (in her 50s) my mom had to sort all through things and she just didn't KNOW what things were important and which were not. It took years to figure it out, and mostly by relatives coming over and helping us sort. Thank goodness my mom never threw anything away!

scrappy quilter said...

Hmmmm I thought I had posted a comment here, however I don't see it so I'll post one now. I love these pictures. What a treasure you have. I've collected lace for years. I always wonder where it all came from. I'm so glad Mike found these in the garage. Enjoy!!

charmaine said...

hi my sweet Tracey! this is a true treasure find! i love forgetting about something fabulous and then finding it later. i know you were just happy. i'm happy for you! i just love anything vintage and vintage linen is one of my most favorites. they are absolutely beautiful! the detail work is amazing. what a beautiful family treasure. i also wanted to thank you for your very sweet comment. it is always nice to hear from you. i'm also happy to hear that you enjoyed your son and brother. have a blessed evening. talk to you soon!

God Bless

the pleasures of homemaking said...

Oooooh! Oh my gosh, that's wonderful! They are so beautiful! All that vintage lace and the linen - just gorgeous!


Donetta said...

Hello, Welcome to my world Tracy. I see your a new follower. I have so enjoyed coming over here for a visit. We have many things in common. Oh that trunk!
I have a short story about a trunk like that. I would just lover to have an image of it.

Dana and Daisy said...

what a treasure, and well preserved, too! Your daughters are lucky girls!

It's Just Me said...

those are sublime! wow!

Lady Katherine said...

Your lace is so beautiful! I have a trash bag full, my daughter brought me from a tag sale. Yours is in a lot better shape!

Tiffany said...

My mother has always collected old linens and for years I used to scratch my head and wonder why she wouldn't just buy new. It is only in the last few years I begin to understand and envy her stash. ;)

Kathleen Ellis said...

What a treasure you have there! They are beautiful!
Thanks for stopping by, Tracey!
Have a fabulous day!

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